Our Technology

Our Technology

Better dental technology means better treatment and better service for you.

In addition to hiring the best professionals, it is our goal to equip them with the technology and training they need to provide better care for you. Each of our practices is outfitted with some of the latest technology and they adhere to the highest sterilization standards.

Every office has digital X-rays, which expose you to less radiation, provide us with the information we need and also make it easy for us to share that information with other dental or medical specialists if needed. Our systems also include special software applications that make it easier for our professionals to spot any decay earlier to help protect your oral health and save you money. As part of our ongoing technology enhancement program, several practices now have an advanced C.O.S. (chairside oral scanning) system that uses digital imaging of your teeth to aid in crafting more precise fitting restorations.

To make it easier for your dentist to see and explain what’s happening in your mouth, we equip our offices with intraoral cameras. These tiny video cameras go into your mouth to allow you to see enlarged images of your teeth and gums on a video screen so you can better understand your dental needs.

We are constantly updating and improving the technology in our practices to better serve you. One of our professionals will be happy to provide you information about our standards and technology.

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