Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry – Special treatment from specially trained dentists.

A child’s teeth and mouth are very different from an adult’s, so we have specially trained children’s dentists, called pedodontists, to care for your children. With an additional two years training in children’s dentistry, our pedodontists have the experience to safeguard your child’s dental health from infancy to age 16. Besides a deep knowledge of children’s oral health, a children’s dentist will also help your children feel at ease and enthusiastic about keeping their teeth healthy at home.

A children’s dental specialist understands how to treat teeth that aren’t fully formed and how to keep baby, or primary, teeth healthy. Often dental issues treated in childhood can prevent more serious problems later on. We utilize digital x-rays that lower the radiation required by 75%, and we offer a full range of services to take care of your children’s dental health.

Your First Visit

Getting your child started with a positive first experience with the dentist is very important, so we take extra time to make sure they are comfortable and that everything is good with their teeth and gums. We examine the development of their teeth, looks for signs of decay, crowding of teeth, gum disease and other child specific problems caused by thumb sucking, etc.

Our children’s dentist also can advise you about:

  • Tooth Development
  • What to do about teeth grinding or finger, thumb or pacifier sucking
  • How to protect a child’s teeth during sports activities
  • How often to brush your child’s teeth
  • The role fluoride plays in preventing cavities
  • When a child should start using toothpaste and when to floss
  • The foods to avoid to prevent decay, such a juice boxes and sugary foods

When your child comes to the office, he or she will find a children’s area specially created to be fun. You and your child will have everything explained in words your child can understand, and we’ll do everything we can to make the visit relaxed and enjoyable. You can be sure the dentist will take the time your child needs to be comfortable. Personal attention is why we are here.

To make sure your child gets the early care he or she needs, we offer a number of flexible payment options. We accept a wide range of dental insurance programs, and special programs are available for patients without insurance.

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